Sunday, September 28, 2008

World Destruction Adds Story With A Twist

It is sometimes hard to find a series that feels unique. Many anime shows follow a certain archetype or formula, depending on animation, characters, or other aspects to stand out in the crowd. World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin (The Six People That Will Destroy the World) presents a somewhat typical fantasy setting with an atypical cast of main characters. Morte, Kylie, and Toppi are apart of the protagonistic "World Destruction Committee" as they journey to find the activation key to the Destruct Code before the antagonistic "World Salvation Committee" can stop them. This role reversal creates a fun and unique dynamic that adds a lot of fun, adventure, and comedy.

The Destruct Code, usually a dull, black color, has a mysterious reaction to Kylie.

World Destruction is based upon the Nintendo DS RPG of the same name. The world is ruled by the beastmen and humans serve as slaves and inferior beings. The mysterious Morte, wielding a large blade and an orb called the Destruct Code, solely makes up the World Destruction Committee as Kylie and Toppi get caught up in her affairs and reluctantly joins the journey to find a way to activate the Destruct Code. The strong characters and the adversarial relationship between most humans and beastmen is immediately evident. Morte has a troubled past, which shows in her somber demeanor and direct attitude. Kylie, initially shown disguising himself as a beastman, is more care-free and his clueless behavior is what makes him likable and often the crutch of the comedy. But perhaps one of the most fun characters seen thus far is Toppi. A wise, bear-like beastman that includes the word "kuma" (bear) after every sentence, he adamantly denies being a bear and takes things very seriously. Lia and Naja are two part-beastmen that make up the World Salvation Committee. Although the group sounds very upstanding, their portrayal looks more villainous compared to the WDC. The setting is pure fantasy, and it works. Small villages, large, bustling cities, and ships both large and small are just a few places that make up the journey. The main plot follows Morte's past, the nature and story behind the orb-like Destruct Code, and the true intentions of the World Destruction Committee, but there are still plenty of side-plots that show the adventurous atmosphere and fantasy trappings that make the show fun.

The team of Kylie and Toppi create many of the fun moments in World Destruction.

The story is very light and comedic given the darker implications of its title. The WDC usually gets caught up in the affairs of others while the combination of Kylie's lighthearted nature and Toppi's serious manner create many funny moments. Kylie's cluelessness often creates problems for the WDC while Toppi's wise sayings and pride in his race leads to a little teasing. The world feels alive and its RPG roots is noticeable. The run-and-chase method between the WDC and WSC is slightly reminiscent of Lupin III. The aggressive Lia and cool-headed Naja of the WSC act as a nice foil to the WDC. The mystery of the Destruct Code is like a dangling carrot while they get ever closer to the answer throughout the series. Many video game to anime adaptations can be hit or miss, but World Destruction stands on its own very well.

The story and fantasy setting may sound a little cliche, but the strong characters and unique role reversal make World Destruction fun. It feels like an RPG while maintaining its own identity. There is plenty of adventure and comedy to be found while the bigger story slowly unravels. It may not quite compare to predecessors such as the classic Slayers, but World Destruction has its own charm that makes it worth watching.

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