Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Beatles: Rock Band Official Details

The collaboration between Harmonix, MTV Games, and Apple Corps. to produce a Beatles game was announced last October with very few details except that it wasn't going to be apart of the Rock Band franchise. Instead, it was going to be a unique experience and journey through the many phases of their famed career. The game is still going to provide that experience, but instead will now feature Rock Band branding and a better idea of how gameplay will specifically work. The Beatles: Rock Band looks to still use core Rock Band mechanics but build upon that for a more varied and band-specific title.

I am glad the game at least has a more defined gameplay system. I was worried about how the game would interact with other games in the RB franchise, although there still isn't any word yet about DLC and song importing interoperability. I just hope they do more than what Guitar Hero has done for Aerosmith and Metallica, although the latter does seem to provide a good metal experience. I'm hoping for a true story mode or something that is more than Rock Band with a setlist of Beatles songs. Given by how strongly the developers and even Sir Paul McCartney has been promoting the game, I have a little more confidence that it will turn out better than expected.

The Beatles: Rock Band will officially launch on September 9, 2009 on all major consoles. There will be a Limited Edition Premium bundle on sale for $250, featuring instruments modeled after ones used by The Beatles. Standalone guitars will also sell for $100 and individual game discs for $60. No word yet about standalone drums, mics, or a separate bass guitar.

Source: Official Site and Joystiq

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