Monday, February 23, 2009

Video Game Renaissance Is Now

According to thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen, he believes we are currently in a renaissance of video games. Citing the growing budget costs for retail games and the success of digital distribution methods on both console and PC, Chen says this is the perfect time for new developers to step into the field. I would have to agree with him. As it becomes increasingly harder to develop and innovate in boxed retail games without risking the company's bottom line and sales, the potential for development on digital services such as Steam, Xbox Live, WiiWare, and the PlayStation Network is limitless.

thatgamecompany developed the PSN titles, flOw and Flower, with both acclaimed for providing a unique gaming experience and giving good evidence for the 'video games as art' argument. I can personally vouch for Flower, as the game is a relaxing yet fun experience as you control the wind to bloom flowers in a variety of environments. Check out the full quote below and look for a review on Flower in the near future.

“I feel it’s a time where a lot of people who study games start to graduate and come into this field. It’s a really good time for all these people to really push the boundaries of what games can be. With digital distribution — PSN, Xbox Live, WiiWare, Steam — all those [avenues]…Before, everything sold through retail. You can’t even make a game that’s below a million dollar budget. I think right now — in the future, when people look back, I think it’s the renaissance of video games.”

Jenova Chen - cofounder of thatgamecompany

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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