Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Early "Review" of Live Action Dragonball Movie

The release of Dragonball is still about five months away, but the hype and criticism continues to mount. After the promotional trailer was leaked, it was received with mixed reviews. The highly touted special effects have yet to be added to the trailer or movie, but it looks like they are already scheduling for additional filming. They have been scouting for males between the ages of 20-70 and fluent in Nepalese or Tibetan. The official trailer has been delayed to December 12th, 2008, possibly to coincide with The Day The Earth Stood Still. The movie is still slated to hit Japan on March 13, 2009 with a North American release soon to follow on April 10. The above footage shows a short teaser clip from a Japanese TV program called NHK, briefly displaying the dragonball and Goku's gi.

Ain't It Cool News reader Don reports having supposedly viewed an early release of the movie before special effects and score. His writing style and lack of sources doesn't lend him much credibility, but they are interesting looks into what the movie could turn out. You can click the link for the full story, but here are some interesting tidbits. Just as a warning, there is a bit of cursing present.

Action - I wasn't expecting the action scenes to be as awesome as they were. Simply put the best thing about this movie. The last action scene of Goku vs. Picollo are simply amazing and when picollo takes out his huge fucking ass sword with weird rectangle shape tablet attached it at the tip of sword and slamming it on goku was fucking awesome. Lot of blowing shit up, super cool flying scenes, awesome ki blasts. This fight scene was around 13-15 minutes long. There are other small action scenes that are fun and entertaining with slo mo but nowhere as good as the picollo vs. goku scene.

Justin Chatwin as Goku. This guy surprised me a lot. I really didn't like him when they casted him as goku but he did a damn good job in the acting department and he nailed the KAMEHAMEHA line.

Story - Dragonball fans will be dissapointed with some of the changes they have made with stories and characters etc. Krillin isn't in the movie, Tien isn't in the movie too. High school setting for the first 22-23 minutes was so not needed but ah well typical hollywood garbage of adding bullshit like that.

Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi - I was dissapointed with this. I wanted the fucking perverted roshi who fucking grabs breasts and asses like in the anime but alas all of that is fucking gone. Also he acted like Mr. Kesuke Miyagi. You know what I mean. The lines he spoke were fine but I felt he was uncomfortable in the movie. Very dissapointed.

Full Review...
It's hard to discern if this review is authentic or not, as many of these points could be easily made up. It sounds like they're trying to keep the spirit of Dragonball while modernizing the story and keeping it relevant to Hollywood standards. A big focus seems to be on the action, so hopefully it will maintain that high energy while still feeling like a DB fight. Some of the things he points out sounds a bit superficial, but he does seem to be a Dragonball fan.

Overall, it's still too early to tell how the movie will turn out. It hasn't exactly been receiving positive press, but maybe this review is an indication that it won't be a complete disaster. The reception the film receives both Japan and North America should be very interesting to see.

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